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Markie Tuckett, owner and principal designer has always had a love a passion for design. Her biggest inspiration to get into the field of design was her Nana. As a young child Markie was consistently influenced by her grandmother's love of decorating and turning a house into a home. 

Over the years she applied her design knowledge and was able to participate and even win awards before entering post secondary education. Once entering college, she was able to work with a well known, published designer who took her under her wing to learn and grow as an individual. After completing her post secondary education, she then went on to bigger and better things working as a project manager and designer for her own set of clientele before moving on to work for a large company in the city.  

"I've has always had a love for design and wanted to open my own business to share my passion with the world. I would not be here without the love and support of my family and friends and Iā€™m thankful for all the opportunities I've been given.".



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